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Today I learned that during Be Prepared from The Lion King, when Scar says, “YOU WON’T GET A SNIFF WITHOUT ME!”


the actor blew out his voice.

So the remainder of the song was sung


by this guy.

Sounds like he was prepared

You can’t say that and not include a link so we can hear for ourselves!

That’s Jim Cummings in the end after Jeremy Irons!


Anonymous asked:

What's your favourite piece of artwork you've ever done and why?PS) Stop being so hard on yourself

Good question! But I’m afraid I do not have a favorite artwork I’ve done,image

I could possibly say it was this really old Dragonball fan art I drew on MASSIVE paper colored BADLY with pens - hah - it was my very first time ever having my art published in a magazineimage

OR my very first attempt at drawing a realistic human. I haven’t drawn a realistic human since then but my grandpa was very proud of it and I’ll admit, it was lots of funimage

From my deviantART, possibly my Animated Shockwave piece from a few years back. I’m fond of how the colors came out even though I was just messing around. It was done on really thin paper too so I’m surprised he scanned so well (though you can see some wrinkled areas)image

But I don’t necessarily have a personal favorite. Never thought about it…


Hahah dude no worries! I have yet to create original characters of my own. I have made a few over the years but they aren’t very fully developed T-T

But I do plan on working on creating original things from now on and step away from doing fan art all the time. I’ve always kinda been a fan art artist growing up often showering my friends and people I admire with gift art of their characters because well, gifts are nice to receive.

I’m always surprised people recognize me from deviantART. Never really thought people notice me I’m really shy and don’t talk to others much but nice to hear from you!

I really love your blog btw ~

What I love about this scene is how it shows how much Chief cares for Cortana. He’s literally spent the most part of his life following orders from his superiors - doing everything they say, making sure they were content with his work and his outcome. He’s always done his best - not necessarily wanting to please but wanting to get the job done. He was built to follow orders and do his job - taught from a young age that that was the way of life and the only way. But when Cortana’s life comes into the question, those years of sticking to the regulations and saying, “Yes, ma’am/sir” every single time he’s given an order goes out the window. Cortana is more important to him than his whole purpose in life.

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No matter how many times you may fall, get back up

Keep your stance, dig in, and put up your guard

Things have never been so difficult…

When the goings get tough, you hit ‘em head on

Because you are a warrior kid and well

Giving up was just never your style heheh

Fight for the ones that matter,

You wouldn’t have gotten this far without them

Fight for your being, your beliefs, and your dreams

And be the strongest you can be…

Show everyone what you’re made of, blow ‘em away

Because you, my friend, are a champion.

For Emerl on his birthday on December 4th. Fight on you warrior kid ;)

Reblogging this art since I went back and painted some textures in the BG since the plain version kinda bugged me. Also went and added my signature too! I love Emerl very much! ^v^

  • Track Name

    Sweet Dreams are Made of Seven Nation Army

  • Artist

    Eurythmics VS The White Stripes





Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (1983) Vs. Seven Nation Army (2003)


Press play and you will find yourself wearing a long black coat on a windy city street holding a firearm that won’t be invented for another 50 years, your voice will be a full octave deeprer AND YOUR HAIR WILL LOOK PERFECT.

if only Lucifer had his theme song this would be it


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